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Frequently Asked Questions

So what is Bouncers?

Bouncers is a live wallpaper for Android smartphones. Besides static wallpaper, Android smartphones can also have animated wallpapers. Bouncers shows several circles (Bouncers) on your screen which move in different speeds. The biggest circle represents you, the smaller ones your friends. The speed with which the bouncers move represents your physical activity throughout your day. This way you can see your and your friends' activity on your phone.

Wait, how does that work? My phone knows my physical activity?

Bouncers measures activity by means of the motion sensor (internal accelerometer) built into all today’s smartphones. A smart calculation translates the activity into the speed with which the different circles move across the screen.

I’ve been very active the last couple of minutes, but my Bouncer isn't going any faster! Is it not working?

Bouncers doesn't react that fast; it calculates your daily activity by means of a moving average. The impact of your activity can be noticed over time. Short high intensity movements are weighed against your activity on the long term. See what happens after you have been active a little longer, you'll see it works!

So does that mean I should carry my smartphone with me all the time? And what is the best place to keep it?

The more you carry your phone with you, the more accurate representation you will see throughout your day. Whether you want to keep your phone with you all the time is up to you. Carrying your phone on your body the whole day will work best, but putting your phone in a bag or purse will work as well. As long as you take those with you, of course.

Will Bouncers drain my battery?

Bouncers will consume additional battery power, as it is always running as your wallpaper. We have tried to design Bouncers in such a way that it will not cost too much of your daily juice. We recommend charging your phone at night, you should then have no trouble running Bouncers during the day. There are however many variables that affect battery consumption, so let us know if you experience any issues with your battery life.

So, I need to save battery life today. Can I temporarily switch of the wallpaper from tracking my activity?

Yes of course you can. Just simply select a static wallpaper and Bouncers will stop tracking. Please be aware your friends will not get any updates on your physical activity during that time. When you are able to charge your phone again, simply switch Bouncers back on by selecting it in your Android wallpaper settings.

Does Bouncers work abroad when data roaming is turned OFF?

Yes. Bouncers keeps measuring your daily activity but it requires an internet connection to share this data with your friends. So connect to a wifi network when available and your activity level will be synced with your friends.

Is there an iPhone version?

No, not yet. Unfortunately iOS doesn't support live wallpapers. Bouncers was designed as a live wallpaper, because we value the idea of it being always present in the background during your day. Unfortunately we can't offer the same experience with iOS. We are looking into a work around, because we do want iOS users to join as well and allow Android users to also invite their iOS friends. Update: the release of iOS7 shows promising developments with the dynamic wallpapers and ofcourse the M7 motion sensor processor in the new iPhone. Unfortunatly 3rd party developers are not able to create such a dynamic wallpaper, yet. But we are hoping this will change in the future! (Apple, are you reading this? We want this!)

Who is behind Bouncers?

Bouncers is not a commercial app. It is part of a design research project at the Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology. We are interested in researching how to get our society more active and healthy through design. We’ve created Bouncers because we strongly believe in the power of social relationships to get more active, healthy and aware together. Through Bouncers we hope to learn more about the dynamics and behaviour behind people sharing their physical activity levels. Through raising this awareness in social groups we hope to stimulate behaviour change towards more physically active lifestyles.

Can I get more detailed information about my daily activity?

We strongly believe that ‘numbers don’t tell the tale’. Therefore, Bouncers doesn’t show metrics, numbers or indices (like other apps) but visualizes your daily activity in an abstract manner.

What will you do with my data?

The data we collect through Bouncers will be used for research purposes only. We anonymize all the data we collect to secure your privacy. The data we collect will not be shared with any other parties.

Can I help? I have feedback on Bouncers.

Yes, that would be great! If you have any feedback or further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.